A Megabus Europe Adventure - part 1

Blog reader and occasional correspondant Jamie Vendy and his partner went on a five day tour of European cities served by Megabus services earlier this month, in this special two part guest post he will outline the trip he made which took in London, Brussels, Amsterdam & Paris and will share a selection of a accompanying photographs to illustrate vehicles seen and travelled on during his tour...

The planning for our tour only went back to July of this year, we started by looking at fares for the week beginning the 2nd September and booked on to the 0100 M12/9 service from Leeds to London Victoria via Sheffield, Loughborough, Leicester, Rugby and Milton Keynes.

The coach left bang on time at 0100 Monday morning, on route we lost a lot of time due a closure on the M1 at Junction 40, however we arrived into London Victoria at just after 0600 only around 20 minutes late, we then had to wait until 0930 for check in on to our first service into Europe, so whilst waiting had some breakfast and took some photographs of coaches seen in the area, they included;

50301 SF13FMC Stagecoach Glasgow
Megabus Gold sleeper coach 50301 SF13FMC Van Hool TDX29 on S20 © Jamie Vendy.

54002 CN56LSO Stagecoach Midland Red
Megabus 54002 CN56LSO Volvo B12BT Plaxton Panther © Jamie Vendy.

T4 SCC Parks of Hamilton
Parks Of Hamilton (working for Megabus) T4 SCC brand new Volvo B9R Plaxton Elite on M20 © Jamie Vendy.

50305 SF13FMJ Stagecoach Glasgow 53642 KX61GEU Stagecoach Midland Red
Left: Megabus Gold sleeper coach 50305 SF13FMJ Van Hool TDX29 on S9. Right: Megabus 53642 KX61GEU Volvo B9R Plaxton Panther 2 {click images to view larger size} © Jamie Vendy.

At 0930 we checked in for the ME2 service to Brussels and then at 1030 boarded 53640 from London to Folkestone Euro Tunnel and arrived in Calais at 1430 (EU Time). We then went on to Gent for a driver change then slap bang on time at 1730 we arrived into Brussels.

53640 KX61GEJ Stagecoach Midland Red
Megabus 53640 KX61GEJ Volvo B9R Plaxton Panther 2 in Brussels © Jamie Vendy.

0947 YWE 114 MVIB
MVIB 9047 YWE 114 Mercedez Benz Citaro, pictured in Brussels © Jamie Vendy.

We then spent Tuesday relaxing in Brussels before early on Wednesday morning embarking on the next leg of our tour taking in Amsterdam and Paris before returning to London and back home to Leeds.

Look out for second next part of Jamie's special guest post which will be published later this week, it will include an interesting selection of photographs of local buses seen in Amsterdam and Paris on the second leg of his Megabus tour.