A Megabus Europe Adventure - part 2

Blog reader and occasional correspondant Jamie Vendy and his partner continue on their five day tour of European cities served by Megabus services for the second part of this special guest post - if you missed part one click here to view it.

Bright & early at 0300 on Wednesday we checked out of our hotel in Brussels to board the 0400 ME3 service to Amsterdam travelling through some beautiful parts of the Netherlands on the way!

53641 KX61GEK Volvo B9R Plaxton Panther provided this service running on time throughout, the picture below shows her at Zeebrugge Park and Ride © Jamie Vendy
53641 KX61GEK Stagecoach Midland Red

After that we got a 24 hour ticket on the GVB Tram 26 into Amsterdam Central where pretty much every service meets at one hub, provides better travelling for people who get lost easily! Compared to the UK it was so much more organised, we spent a hour in the morning & evening taking photographs at the station as can be seen below:

1168 BZ PZ 64 GVB
GVB 1168 BZ PS 64 - VDL Citea © Jamie Vendy

008 BZ HR 03 GVB
GVB 008 BZ HR 03 - not sure of the body type to be honest! © Jamie Vendy.
117 BZ DP 55 GVB BV ZD 26 GVB
Left: GVB 117 BZ DP 55 - Ayats Volvo B7L Open Top | Right: GVB BV XD 26 - Unvi Volvo B9TL Open Top {click images to view larger size} © Jamie Vendy.

1737 DB Schenker, 2038  overnight sleeper from Amsterdam to Munich
In the evening we saw the DB Schenker overnight train to the south of Germany - 1737 seen in the early evening prior to the 2038 departure © Jamie Vendy

We departed Amsterdam at 2300 on the ME3 towards Paris this was provided by 53645 and again ran on time throughout, Upon arrival into Paris there was a little confusion due to lack of signs compared to London/Brussels/Amsterdam about the Metro service (like London DLR) but we did make it to the city centre in the end!

3493 AA 234 ML RATP
Local buses photographed in Paris included RATP 3492 AA 234 ML - Irisbus Agoraline © Jamie Vendy.

After a day touring the city in the very hot weather we left Paris at 2300 for London via Boulogne with 53642 as our coach back to the UK, again the service ran on time throughout and across the channel via the P&O Ferry from Calais to Dover.

Soon after arriving back in London we departed at 0900 on the M20 service with 54204 SF62CPU bringing us back to Leeds - as seen in the picture below © Jamie Vendy.

54204 SF62CPU Stagecoach Glasgow
Some heavy mileage covered in a week, but for £110 on the coach journeys for two people where can you go wrong? Its amazing to see such good value for money!

Thats it for this two part special guest post - many thanks to Jamie for sharing details of his trip and selection of photographs with us, for more of Jamie's photos check out his Flickr Photosteam - if you are interested in submitting a guest post for publication here on Andy's Bus Blog please do get in touch with us!