Out & about... An hour in Wisbech

We spent an hour in the fenland town of Wisbech observing the local bus activity with friend and regular correspondant David Bell yesterday, our late afternoon visit was a rather quiet affair with no movements noted in the first 20 minutes or so of our visit, however there was a small flourish of activity towards the end of our time at the bus station when we noted several members of the Norfolk Green fleet as well as a couple of 'vintage' Embling's vehicles and some new First X1 Enviro400s too.

Not to be deterred by the poor lighting conditions (it'll be even worse next week when the clocks go back!) we managed to take a small selection of photographs - some of which are included in this post...

We of course start with Norfolk Green who are the main operator in the area, routes include the 46 which passes through Wisbech on its way from King's Lynn to March, 50 to Long Sutton, 51 to Gorefield, 56 to March and Benwick or Manea, 60 to Three Holes (plus several recently introduced journeys extending to/from Downham Market) and the 66 Wisbech town bus as well as numerous collage/school workings.

Norfolk Green 503 YJ10EYC
Seen arriving at Wisbech bus station out of service is Norfolk Green Optare Versa 503 YJ10 EYC.

Norfolk Green 622 YN53SSZ
Next up we see Norfolk Green Optare Solo 622 YN53 SSZ awaiting departure on the 60 to Downham Market via Three Holes - note the town clock in the background which was unfortunately running about 3 and 1/2 hours late!

Norfolk Green 503 YJ10EYC
Back to Norfolk Green Optare Versa 503 YJ10 EYC which after a short layover period is seen ready to depart on the 50 to Long Sutton.

Other Norfolk Green vehicles noted during our time in Wisbech included a pair of Coasthopper Optare Solo Slimlines and Optare Spectra 9 YG02 FWD on the 46 and Optare Solo 611 X249 VWR on the 56.

Another operator present in Wisbech, and featured on the blog a few times before are Embling's of Guyhirn, who operate a selection of mainly elderly vehicles on collage/schools workings, private hires and a few public bus services in the area including the 380 between Wisbech and March.

Emblings, Guyhirn E901KYR
A regular vehicle on the 380 as seen yesterday is Northern Counties bodied Leyland Olympian E901 KYR.

Emblings, Guyhirn MIL2057
Another Embling's vehicle photographed is Plaxton Paramount MIL 2057, seen here arriving at the bus station.

We finish with First who pass through Wisbech up to four times an hour on the longhaul X1 to Peterborough (Westbound) and Lowestoft (Eastbound) - following completion of delivery, the service is now fully worked by the new Alexander Dennis Enviro400s.

First King's Lynn 33816 YX63LKE
Seen here bound for Lowestoft on the X1 is one of the final Alexander Dennis Enviro400s to enter service 33816 YX63 LKE.

Hope you enjoyed this brief look at Wisbech, it is certainly a good little place to visit bus-wise for an hour or so with several good locations to take photographs around the bus station and it's entrance... although it is probably best to visit around the middle of the day when there are more frequent bus movements to observe.