Norfolk Green Fleet Update 02/11/13

We start today's trio of blog posts with a mini Norfolk Green Fleet Update to report and bring you a photograph of the latest vehicle - Optare Solo 615 MX03 YDB to be repainted into their new fleet livery...

Norfolk Green 615 MX03YDB - latest repaint
Norfolk Green 615 MX03 YDB, King's Lynn bus station 29/10/13 © David Bell.

This latest repaint brings the total number of new liveried vehicles in the fleet to seventeen. To recap, those treated so far are... Optare Spectras 2 YE52 FHG, 8 YJ51 ZGV & 9 YG02 FWD; East Lancs Myllennium Lolynes 13 PX55 AHF & 14 PX55 AHJ, Alexander Dennis Enviro 400s 21 SN12 EHM, 22 SN12 EHO, 23 SN13 EEA & 24 SN13 EEB; Optare Tempos 101 YJ56 WUG, 105 YK57 FHM & 113 YJ55 BKO and Optare Solos 603 Y57 HBT, 613 MX55 WCU, 615 MX03 YDB, 618 MX54 WMJ and 626 MX55 BXO.