Colourful Norwich photo special - part 1

Last month we spent an enjoyable afternoon in Norwich catching up with the local bus scene, the fine city as it is known locally is always a favourite destination to visit with a wide variety of operators and a whole host of colourful liveries in evidence.

As it has been a while since we last posted a general 'Out & about' feature on the city we are publishing this three part photo special showing some of the highlights of our visit, operators in this part include - Norfolk Green, Konectbus, Anglianbus and Megabus.

Norfolk Green YE52FHG
We start this part with Norfolk Green Optare Spectra bodied DAF DB250LF YE52 FHG, this bus is one of nine of this type in the Norfolk Green fleet and is seen here at the bus station having just worked in on an X29 from Fakenham.

Konectbus BD57WCZ
Next up is the welcome sight of Konectbus Mercedes Benz Citaro G bendybus BD57 WCZ, it is one of five of this type in the Konectbus fleet and is seen here departing from Norwich bus station on the 604 to Costessy Park & Ride.

Anglianbus AN61BUS
The third and penultimate photograph in this part shows Anglianbus Scania Omnilink AN61 BUS, the bus had just set down its passengers having arrived on the 7 from Great Yarmouth when this photo was taken.

Freestones Megabus YN08JBX
The final photograph in this part shows Freestones Coaches Megabus branded Irizar PB bodied Scania YN08 JBX, this is one of three coaches operated by Freestones on the Megabus M16 between Norwich and London which has recently been doubled in frequency to offer four return journeys on the route per day.

Look out for the part 2 of this photo special which should appear online this weekend.