Norfolk Green Fleet Update 29/01/14 ~ updated version

Norfolk Green, part of the Stagecoach Group fleet update...

Norfolk Green have named Alexander Dennis Enviro400 24 SN13 EEB 'Ben Colson' in honour of the MD of the company from it's formation in 1996 until his retirement and the sale of the company to Stagecoach in December 2013...

NG 24 (10055) SN13EEB (c) David Bell
Norfolk Green 24 (10055)SN13 EEB proudly displaying it's new name when seen departing on a 505 to Spalding last Friday morning, photo © David Bell.

Meanwhile Optare Tempo 103 YJ57 YCC is the latest vehicle to be repainted in the newest version of the NG livery...

NG 103 YJ57YCC repainted (front)
Norfolk Green 103 (25127) YJ57 YCC seen wearing new livery and operating on the 505 to Spalding this afternoon.

In other news, buses have begun having small 'part of the Stagecoach Group' vinyls applied below their Norfolk Green fleet names.