Norfolk Green Fleet Update 19/02/14 - fleet renumbering

Norfolk Green, part of the Stagecoach Group Fleet Update 19/02/14...

Norfolk Green have begun rolling out the previously assigned new Stagecoach five digit fleetnumbers across the fleet, many buses have already been noted with their new numbers applied as can be seen in the photographs below.

Stagecoach Norfolk Green 25127 YJ57 YCC
Stagecoach Norfolk Green 27127 (103) YJ57 YCC.

Stagecoach Norfolk Green 17605 LV52 HHP
Stagecoach Norfolk Green 17605 (21) LV52 HHP.

Stagecoach Norfolk Green fleetnumber
Stagecoach Norfolk Green 47898 (614) MX06 BSZ interior fleetnumber, photo courtesy of Colin Apps.

It is expected that all vehicles will be renumbered and the previous Norfolk Green three digit numbers will be discontinued in early March.

In other news Irisbus Agoraline 39896 126 AU05 FKE has been withdrawn and recently repainted Optare Tempo 27127 (103) has had it's name 'Robert Stephenson' reapplied.