Introducing holdall - the new smartcard for Norfolk

Untitled A smartcard revolution in Norfolk has been heralded by the launch of 'holdall'® , which can be signed up to now for use on Norwich Park and Ride from 14 April.

But Park and Ride is just the start for holdall®, which has the potential for use in many other ways, including home to school transport, paying for school meals and giving access to other public services.

Its name reflects the wide range of uses that can be packed into one smartcard.

David Harrison said: "A smart card will be the easiest and most economical way to pay for park & ride, but this is just phase one. We will extend smart card use to other activities like school and college transport, and as a multi-operator ticket that can be used on buses right across the county.

"For park & ride it can by used to buy a range of cost-saving tickets to suit the user's needs. And it also has the potential to be used in many other ways - as your library card, for example, or as a cashless way to pay for school meals, or to provide access to a range of public services.

"This is Norfolk showing the rest of the country the future of smart card ticketing for public transport, and the enormous potential for smart cards to do much more".

Even as a smartcard ticket for Park and Ride, holdall® provides new and flexible ways to pay for journeys at the lowest price. It replaces conventional weekly, 4 weekly 12 weekly and annual season tickets, and can be used to buy a new Saver Ticket for 10 days of travel taken any time within a year.

When the system goes live on buses on 14 April it will still be possible to pay for journeys with cash, but the money-saving multi-day tickets will only be available through holdall®. Ordering holdall smartcard®, buying tickets and topping up are all simple online transactions at www.norfolk.gov.uk/holdall .

The card also features the sQuid Travel Purse. Anyone using a holdall smartcard® for travel can also register on the sQuid website and load cash value into holdall's sQuid Travel Purse. This adds flexibility to the card, so it can be used, for example, to pay for a family group when this would be the most economical way to travel.

The holdall smartcard® Park and Ride project has been developed as a 'Transport for Norwich' initiative, supported with Better Bus Area funding.

Norfolk County Council has also received £2.5M funding from the Department for Transport to extend smart ticketing. This will include school and college transport and the use of the smartcard to develop multi-operator ticketing across Norfolk.

The smartcard gives an opportunity for other non transport public services to be accessed using a single card. These could include cultural services including libraries, school meals, and some public health applications. There is also potential for joint delivery of services with external partners.

For the full version of this press release visit norfolk.gov.uk and to find out more and to apply for your smartcard visit norfolk.gov.uk/holdall