Norfolk Green Fleet Update 26/04/14

Norfolk Green, part of the Stagecoach Group ~ Fleet Update...

Optare Solo M920 47898 MX06 BSZ has returned from Stagecoach South wearing a smart new version of the Norfolk Green livery, it features a silver front half with green grille and a two tone green back half swooping up in the Stagecoach style.

In other news, a further addition to the fleet is a driver training vehicle - Jonckheere Mistral bodied B10M 52647 T667 XTV, it arrived from Stagecoach in Dumfries yesterday.

Stagecoach Norfolk Green 47898 MX06 BSZ revised livery Stagecoach 52647 - T667 XTV - Megabus

Photos (click to enlarge) Left - Optare Solo 47898 MX06 BSZ seen wearing the revised Stagecoach Norfolk Green livery - look out for more photos, coming soon! | Right: Jonckheere Mistral bodied B10M 52647 T667 XTV seen back in 2012 when wearing it's old Megabus colours - photo © Glen Wallace (creative commons license)