Out & about in Guildford - Safeguard's 90th Anniversary

David Bell visited Guildford in Surrey last Saturday to attend the special 90th anniversary celebrations taking part at independent operator Safeguard Coaches, a special family open day was held at their depot, there was also a selection of visiting London Country buses running in service as well as the launch of a new commemorative book celebrating 90 years of the company.

Guildford  - Safeguard at 90 (2) (c) David Bell
First up we see Safeguard Optare Tempo YJ06 FXN, their local bus fleet contains several types from the Optare range including the Excel, Tempo and several Versas © David Bell.

Included in this post are a selection of photographs taken on the day in the glorious sunshine including the heritage buses in operation as well as some of Safeguard's modern fleet of services buses running on their intotown 4/5 route linking Guildford town centre with Park Barn, Woodbridge Hill and the Royal Surrey Hospital - enjoy!

Guildford - Safeguard at 90 (1) (c) David Bell
The first of two photos showing heritage vehicles in operation for the event shows London Country AEC Regent III/Weymann OLD 566, complete with special destination blind for the occasion © David Bell.

Guildford - Safeguard at 90  (1) (c) David Bell
The second heritage vehicle we feature is London Country AEC Regal IV MLL 763, again it carries special blinds for the event, very smart! © David Bell.

Guildford - Safeguard at 90 (2) (c) David Bell
Moving back to the Safeguard bus fleet we see Optare Excel 2 YJ03 UMM © David Bell.

Guildford - Safeguard at 90  (1) (c) David Bell
The final Safeguard bus featured in this part is Plaxton Mini Pointer Dart bodied Dennis Dart SLF VU02 TTJ, this bus was originally acquired by Safeguard for use on the Guildford Town Shuttle which no longer operates © David Bell.

Guildford - Safeguard at 90 (2) (c) David Bell
It is becoming customary for TfL's New Routemasters to visit various special bus events around the country, making an appearance at Safeguard's anniversary bash was London United LT80 LTZ 1080 © David Bell.

Many thanks to David Bell for supplying the photographs used in this post, and of course congratulations to Safeguard Coaches for reaching their 90th anniversary.