Looking back... An interesting visitor to King's Lynn 20 years ago

Following konectbus' use of one of their Mercedes Benz Citaro G bendybuses on the 1 to/from King's Lynn a couple of weeks back Colin Apps has been in touch with a photograph of another bendybus which visited the town some 20 years ago.

The date was 20th October 1994 and the vehicle in question was unique Alexander CityRanger bodied Mercedes Benz 0405G K1 GRT - as it's cherished registration suggests the bus was owned by GRT (predecessor to Firstbus) and was new to Grampian in 1992, it later undertook at UK tour of GRT subsidiaries including Eastern Counties...

K1 GRT King's Lynn bus station 1994 © Colin Apps
photo © Colin Apps

... during it's time at Eastern Counties the bus visited King's Lynn and as you can see above, despite it being a lousy day weather-wise Colin managed to capture the rare bendybus on camera whilst parked in the bus station.

After it's tour was completed the bus returned to Scotland where it worked for Midland Bluebird then again Grampian, ultimately it passed to First Aberdeen where it was given national fleet number 10046, after 15 years service the bus was withdrawn and is now in preservation with the Aberdeen & District Transport Preservation Trust who have restored the bus to it's former glory.

Many thanks to Colin for the photograph used in this post.