New Routemaster overall adverts - photo special!

Love them or hate them, New Routemasters or 'Borismasters' are now becoming a very common sight in the capital with routes 9, 10, 11, 24, 38, 148, 390 and N38 now all being worked by the type, vehicles of interest from Arriva's high profile route 38 allocation of LTs now include 20 or so which are wearing eye-catching overall advertising liveries for Adidas.

David Bell who recently photographed some of the special liveried vehicles takes up the story: "Thought you might like to see some photos of some of the Borismasters which have been painted black and feature well known footballers to celebrate the world cup in Brazil. All have the 'all in or nothing' slogan below the destination box and also on the nearside but the offsides feature other slogans - Now or never; Hunt or be hunted; Fear or be feared as well as All in or nothing. Both sides have vinyls of famous footballers participating in this years competition - Stephen Gerrard, Lionel Messi, Mesut Ozil and others. There are about 20 vehicles in the black livery altogether and all appear to be working on route 38 from Clapton Pond-Victoria in conjunction with standard red Borismasters"

Black LTs 1 (c) David Bell
LT194 LTZ 1194 demonstrating the nearside and front 'all in or nothing' slogan carried by all of the specially liveried LTs © David Bell.

Black LTs 1 (c) David Bell
LT203 LTZ 1203 featuring the 'now or never' slogan © David Bell.

Black LTs 2 (c) David Bell
LT205 LTZ 1205 featuring the 'fear or be feared' slogan © David Bell.

Black LTs 1 (c) David Bell
LT218 LTZ 1218 featuring the 'hunt or be hunted' slogan © David Bell.

Many thanks to David Bell for supplying the photographs used in this post, look out for more special features - coming soon!