Norfolk Green Fleet Update 03/06/14 - latest additions

Norfolk Green, part of the Stagecoach Group - Fleet Update

The latest additions to the Norfolk Green fleet are Alexander Dennis Pointer Darts 34700 PX05 EMV and 34701 PX05 ENC...

Stagecoach Norfolk Green 34700 PX05 EMV
Stagecoach Norfolk Green 34700 PX05 EMV at the depot looking smart in it's new colours, photo © Colin Apps

Both have been transferred in from Stagecoach in Carlisle, the first (34700) arrived last week via Stagecoach South where it was repainted into the new Stagecoach version of the Norfolk Green livery, the second (34701) is expected to arrive at King's Lynn shortly, they have a B38F seating capacity.

In other news, to update the situation regarding the Irisbus Agoralines - still active in the past week were 39891/3/4/5/7/8, whilst both of the most recently withdrawn examples have now departed the fleet.