On The Yorkshire Buses coming to Channel 5 on 11th July!

The eagerly awaited new television series On The Yorkshire Buses starts on Friday 11th July at 8pm on Channel 5.

East Yorkshire Motor Services 683 YX53 AOJ, 897 897 EYX & 711 YX06 CXM
A line up of East Yorkshire buses back in 2010, photo courtesy 'Ingy The Wingy' on Flickr (used under Creative Commons license)

The eight part observational documentary or 'fly on the wall' series made by The Garden Productions follows the staff of family-run bus and coach company East Yorkshire Motor Services as they transport passengers in Hull, as well as towns and villages in the East Riding and North Yorkshire.

In the first episode, the school holidays have arrived and there is a shortage of drivers for the busy Saturday shift, so controller Simon juggles his resources to keep the services going and calls in ex-bank manager Rod to cover one of the rural routes. In Scarborough, Paul Fryatt puts out the timetables for the summer open-top tour buses, but the boss of rival operator Shoreline Suncruisers is determined to keep one step ahead of him.

Programme information sourced from Radio Times online.