More interesting overall advert Borismasters

Following on from our look at the striking Adidas Predator liveried New Routemaster 'Borismasters' last month - click here to view post if you missed it - David Bell has been in touch with photographs of another two special advertising liveries he saw on a recent visit to London...

Blue Adidas overall advert New Routemaster
In yet another Adidas scheme is Arriva LT192 LTZ 1192 seen operating on route 38 which is also home to a number of the black Adidas all or nothing liveried New Routemasters (c) David Bell.

Fender overall advert New Routemster
Seen wearing a particularly attractive scheme to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Fender Stratocaster electric guitar is Metroline LT110 LTZ 1100 which is operating on the 24 route (c) David Bell.

Many thanks to David for sending in these photos, it's always enjoyable to see vehicles in overall advert liveries!