Norfolk Green Fleet Update 27-29th August 2014 - updated again!

Norfolk Green, part of the Stagecoach Group - Fleet Update 27th-29th August 2014...

Stagecoach Norfolk Green 47244 GX55DXO (c) David Bell
The latest addition to the Norfolk Green fleet - 47244 GX55 DXO seen at King's Lynn bus station on 29th August, photo © David Bell.

The first ex Stagecoach South Optare Solo M850SL 47244 GX55 DXO has arrived at King's Lynn from Winchester following repaint, similar 47243 GX55 DXM and 47245 GX55 DXP are due to follow soon.

Meanwhile, other notable news is that six extra double deckers are required due to school contracts gained in the West Norfolk area - they will be ex Stagecoach London Alexander ALX400 bodied Dennis Tridents and are expected to be as follows;

17742/3/4 LY52 ZFA/ZFB/ZFC
17785/6/7 LX03 BVY/BVZ/BWA

17786 LX03 BVZ seen in service in London back in 2012, photo courtesy of eastleighbusman (creative commons licence)

They have recently been used at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and are currently awaiting conversion to single door and repaint, it is thought that some other vehicles are likely to arrive on temporary loan until the Tridents are ready for service - see update below for more!.

In other news it is reported on the Steven Knight Media website that some cascaded Alexander Dennis Enviro300s are expected to replace the six remaining Irisbus Agoralines in the coming months, it is expected that these will be 27642-47 from Stagecoach South.

UPDATE: Two Alexander bodied Volvo Olympians arrived on loan from Stagecoach East earlier today pending the arrival of the six refurbished Tridents mentioned above, they are 16226 S756 DRP and 16227 S757 DRP.

Stagecoach 16226/7 on loan at Norfolk Green
16226/7 at the Norfolk Green depot this afternoon.