Looking back... Eastern Counties seventies selection - part 1

Today our regular guest blogger Philip Slynn returns with the first of a brand new three part feature Looking back... at a selection of Eastern Counties photographs he took in the seventies, included are an interesting selection shots taken in and around the Peterborough, Norwich and Cambridge areas...

RL509( Bristol  747)
Firstly, we have RL509 pictured in Cambridge in the mid seventies, and is one I had forgotten about. Until I saw this the only all over advert on an RL that I remembered was the parcel bus, but I came across this one when searching through my older slides (c) Philip Slynn.

LC501,578 (Bristol  178)
This next picture I do not remember at all, but my records show it was taken in Norwich in 1973. It shows the first and last LCs and the years they were in service as 1955 to 1972. PSV Circle records show that LC501 was withdrawn in 1969, sold to Ben Jordan, then to various builders and back to Ben Jordan in 1972. LC578 was withdrawn in 1973 and initially to Norths (dealer) and probably scrapped in 1976 (c) Philip Slynn.

VR144 (Bristol  958)
The Queen’s Silver Jubilee was in 1977 and her we have VR 144 in the appropriate livery pictured in Whittlesey (c) Philip Slynn.

VR205 (Bristol 1109)
Another Bristol VR in a special livery is VR205 advertising the ‘Anywhere Ticket’ at the bargain price of £1.30 – this was on a special service to the Peterborough Showground in 1978 (c) Philip Slynn.

LKH253 (Bristol  481)
LKH253 was withdrawn by ECOC in 1969 and by 1974 when this picture was taken was acting as a site hut for the contractors on the Huntingdon bypass (c) Philip Slynn.

VR327 (Bristol  286)
Finally for this section we have what was to become VR327. It shows ex Central SMT BN364 at Peterborough depot as part of the Scottish FLF/VR swap that was going on at the time - 1973 (c) Philip Slynn.

Look out for the next part of this feature - coming soon!