Looking back... Eastern Counties seventies selection - part 3

Today our regular guest blogger Philip Slynn concludes his three part feature Looking back... at a selection of Eastern Counties photographs he took in the seventies, included are an interesting selection shots taken in and around the Peterborough, Norwich and Cambridge areas, if you missed the first two parts of this feature you can find them right below this post!

LKH171 (Bristol  482)
Another LKH which found its way onto the Huntingdon bypass is 171 OVF 171 seen here in 1974 (c) Philip Slynn.

LKH121 (Bristol  490)
Yet another LKH, this time 121 HPW 121 seen here at the end of its life in a scrap yard at Thorney Toll in 1974 (c) Philip Slynn.

LM640 (Bristol  243)
When new in 1966 LM640/1 KAH 640D had perimeter seating and room for 30 standees in a B30D configuration. They did not operate like that and were converted to normal seating but still with room for 30 standees. After being in service for 2 weeks they went into store and were finally converted to B45F. Here is LM640 in Peterborough in 1973 (c) Philip Slynn.

LKD176 (Bristol  815)
LKD 176 UNG 176 found a new life as a playbus and is seen here in Cambridge in the mid seventies (c) Philip Slynn.

FLF458 (Bristol  249)
A standard Bristol FLF this time, FLF 458 JPW 485D but in advertising livery for London and Manchester Assurance. Peterborough 1973 (c) Philip Slynn.

LFS75 (Bristol 1230)
Finally we have another standard vehicle – LFS 75 AAH 175B. However, this turned up in 1979 having been nicely repainted. It was withdrawn the following year (c) Philip Slynn.

Many thanks to Philip for providing us with yet another interesting and enjoyable series of guest posts.