Showbus 2014: Coach selection - part 2

Welcome to our coverage of Showbus 2014 - this year we are trying something a bit different with photo features set around three themes, we are currently publishing a three part series titled 'Coach selection'. An additional three part series titled 'Bus selection' plus a standalone post covering a selection of vehicles with a London connection will follow. All of the photographs from this year's Showbus have been kindly supplied by our regular correspondents Colin Apps and David Bell.

Showbus 2014: Coach selection - part 2 of 3, photographs featured in this post include a mix of modern and classic coaches operated by Lodges Coaches, Fowlers Travel, Tourmaster, Beestons, Fords of Althorne as well as private owners.

Lodges LTA 752 (c) Colin Apps
We start this part with the famous Lodges of High Easter heritage fleet and their unique convertible open sided Bedford OB LTA 752, this superb vehicle was new to Western National in 1950 before later passing to Lincolnshire Road Car where it was one of four vehicles given a 'toast-rack' conversion for summer services in Skegness, this is believed to be the only remaining example in preservation (c) Colin Apps.

Fowlers of Holbeach Drove FFV 807Y (c) Colin Apps
Next up we have Fowlers Travel of Holbeach Drove who attended the event with their smart Plaxton Paramount 3200 bodied Leyland Leopard FFV 807Y, entry number 114, this coach was new to Bibby of Ingleton as VWU 529 (c) Colin Apps.

Tourmaster YJ14 BXM (c) David Bell
Moving on to something a bit more modern, here we see one of the latest additions to the Tourmaster Coaches, Crowland fleet - Temsa Safari HD YJ14 BXM, it is one of just over a hundred of the Turkish-built type in service with UK operators, entry number 176 (c) David Bell.

Beestons of Hadleigh NSV 371  (c) Colin Apps
We're sticking with the modern for now to take a look at Beestons of Hadleigh's Jonckheere SHV bodied Volvo B12M NSV 371 which was at the event, entry number 155 (c) Colin Apps.

675 OCV (c) Colin Apps
Back to a classic coach now to take a look at this excellent Duple Super Vega bodied Bedford SB3 675 OCV, it was new to Crimson Tours of St Ives, Cornwall in 1962 before passing to local operator Birds of Hunstanton in 1965, it eventually entered preservation in 1995 and was restored to its original operators identity by its current owner (c) Colin Apps.

Paul S Winston EBC 567T (c) Colin Apps
For the penultimate photo in this part we have Paul S Winston Coaches rare Unicar bodied Bedford YMT EBC 567T, this unusual vehicle dates from 1979, entry number 198 (c) Colin Apps.

Fords of Althorne YN14 FXX (c) David Bell
We finish this part with an impressive new double deck coach, Fords of Althorne VDL bodied Scania K440EB YN14 FXX, entry number 134 (c) David Bell.

Look out for the next part of this feature which is due to be uploaded over the weekend.