Showbus 2014: Coach selection - part 3

Welcome to our coverage of Showbus 2014 - this year we are trying something a bit different with photo features set around three themes, this is the final part of our three part series titled 'Coach selection'. An additional three part series titled 'Bus selection' plus a standalone post covering a selection of vehicles with a London connection will follow over the next week or so. All of the photographs from this year's Showbus have been kindly supplied by our regular correspondents Colin Apps and David Bell.

Showbus 2014: Coach selection - part 3 of 3, photographs featured in this post include a mix of modern and classic coaches operated by Sharpe's of Nottingham, Norfolk Coachways, Rambler of Hastings, Don's of Dunmow as well as private owners.

Midland Red SOA 674S (c) Colin Apps
We start the final part of our Coach selection with this smart Midland Red Plaxton Supreme bodied Leyland Leopard SOA 674S, this coach was new to Midland Red in 1978 and entered preservation in 1996, entry number 627 (c) Colin Apps.

Sharpe's Nottingham unregistered Duple Viceroy (c) Colin Apps
Next up we see Sharpe's of Nottingham immaculate Duple Viceroy bodied Ford R192, new in 1971 this unique coach has amazingly never been registered and was stored from new for 40 years until purchased by Sharpe's in 2011, it has since attended a number of rallies using a trade plate which can be seen on display in the window (c) Colin Apps.

Valliant AMX 8A (c) Colin Apps
Our next vehicle in focus is superb Harrington Cavalier bodied AEC Reliance AMX 8A, this attractive vehicle was new to Valliant Coaches of Ealing in 1963, entry number 254 (c) Colin Apps.

Norfolk Coachways WJZ 8532 (c) David Bell
Moving on to a more local operator for this shot of Norfolk Coachways smart Van Hool Alizee bodied DAF WJZ 8532 dating from 1995, entry number 416 (c) David Bell.

Wallace Arnold VUB 396H (c) Colin Apps
The penultimate classic coach in thin this feature is Plaxton Elite bodied Leyland Leopard VUB 396H, this coach was new to Wallace Arnold in 1970 (c) Colin Apps.

Rambler, Hastings EDY 675E (c) Colin Apps
It is always nice to see a classic vehicle back with it's original owner and that is the case with Rambler Coaches of Hastings Duple Viceroy bodied Bedford VAM14 EDY 675E, it was brought new by the operator in 1967 and operated with them in 1973, after a spell elsewhere the coach was brought back into the Rambler fleet in 1980 before later being sold for preservation, it returned (again!) in 2006 where it remains today (c) Colin Apps.

Don's DN10 DON (c) David Bell
We finish this feature with a modern vehicle, here we seen Don's of Dunmow Van Hool Astromega double decker coach DN10 DON, entry number 402 (c) David Bell.

Look out for our three part 'Showbus 2014: Bus selection' feature - coming soon!