Out & about in Newark

In the first of a pair of Out & about guest posts our regular correspondent Philip Slynn is sharing a selection of photographs he took on a recent visit to Newark...

"Having not visited Newark for several years, thought I would pop up the A1 and see what was about in the town. It appeared quite a busy place with several operators around including Stagecoach, Centrebus, Travel Wright and Marshall of Sutton-on-Trent. Here are a few examples."

Travel Wright KM51BFX Dennis Dart (c) Philip Slynn
KM51 BFX - Travel Wright have a few Dennis Darts, and this one has an SCC body that originally was of B31D configuration. It was new to Wimco (c) Philip Slynn.

Marshalls OP89 Optare Versa (c) Philip Slynn
YJ11 EKY - Marshall’s service 90 does not actually enter the bus station, and this Optare Versa was photographed on the main road in front of the bus station (c) Philip Slynn.

Marshalls DD85 Volvo B9TL (c) Philip Slynn
FJ08 FYK - Another Marshall vehicle is this Volvo B9TL ex First South Yorkshire. Rather a hurried shot as I was daydreaming and nearly missed it! (c) Philip Slynn.

Centrebus 878 (c) Philip Slynn
T416 BNN - Centrebus 878 is a Dennis Trident on the Grantham service. It was new to Nottingham City in 1999 (c) Philip Slynn.

Stagecoach 47845 (c) Philip Slynn FT13 ODK - Stagecoach operate a batch of these newish Optares on some of the local routes. This one is number 47845 (c) Philip Slynn.

Travel Wright YE52KPK Optare Solo (c) Philip Slynn
YE52 KPK Travel Wright also operate a number of Optare Solos, and this one had just deposited its passengers and was now heading back to the depot where I saw it later (c) Philip Slynn.

Look out for a similar post focusing on a visit to Loughborough - coming soon!