Showbus 2014: Bus Selection - part 2

This week we are continuing our coverage of Showbus 2014 with a three part 'Bus selection' series, it includes a mix of both vintage and modern buses that attended the event at Duxford IWM on Sunday 21st September, all of the photographs from this year's Showbus have been kindly supplied by our regular correspondents Colin Apps and David Bell.

Showbus 2014: Bus selection 2/3 - operators featured include Richmonds Coaches, Judds travel, Panther Travel, and Lodges Coaches as well as a selection of private owners.

Thames Valley DBL 154 (c) Colin Apps
Non-London half cabs were few and far between this year so we'll start this part with an example that did attend - Thames Valley Bristol K6A DBL 154, this smart ECW bodied bus dates from 1945 (c) Colin Apps.

Northern UTN 501Y (c) Colin Apps
Moving forward several decades our next photo shows another smart red liveried bus, Northern MCW Metrobus UTN 501Y, this Mark 2 type was new in 1982 (c) Colin Apps.

Judds S587 BCE and R566 DRP (c) Colin Apps
Next up some somewhat more local entries were two Judds Travel of Guyhirn ex Stagecoach Volvo Olympians S587 BCE and R566 DRP, the former was new to Viscount in 1998, the latter was new to United Counties in the same year, both were acquired by Judds in 2013 (c) Colin Apps.

Richmonds YD63 UZA (c) David Bell
A very up to date bus now, Richmonds Coaches of Royston Optare Solo SR YD63 UZA, this bus can usually be found working on one of the operators Hertfordshire County Council contracted bus services (c) David Bell.

Maidstone & District LKP 385P (c) Colin Apps
The last preserved bus for this part is Maidstone and District Alexander bodied Volvo Ailsa LKP 385P, this Scottish-built bus was one of five of the type new to Maidstone in 1975 (c) Colin Apps.

Panther Travel BIG 9429 (c) David Bell
We finish this part with two working Leyland Olympians, first up is Essex-based Panther Travel's coach seated ECW bodied example BIG 9429, it dates from 1991 (c) David Bell.

Lodges K738 ODL (c) David Bell
The final photo in this part and second Leyland Olympian featured is from the popular Lodges of High Easter fleet - K738 ODL carries a Northern Counties body and joined the fleet earlier this year, it was new in 1992 to Southern Vectis (c) David Bell.

Thanks for joining us for another selection of photos from Showbus 2014, check back over the weekend for the final part.