Showbus 2014: Bus selection - part 3

Today we conclude the main part of our coverage of Showbus 2014 with the last part of the 'Bus selection' series, it includes a mix of both vintage and modern buses that attended the event at Duxford IWM on Sunday 21st September, all of the photographs from this year's Showbus have been kindly supplied by our regular correspondents Colin Apps and David Bell.

Showbus 2014: Bus selection 3/3 - operators featured include Brylaine Travel, Landmark Hire and Lodges Coaches as well as a selection of private owners.

New Zealand Bristol RE XOU 396T (JD 4954) (c) Colin Apps
We'll start this part with something a little bit different, from New Zealand! Unusual looking Hess bodied Bristol RE XOU 396T (JD 4954) dates from 1979 and is now in preservation based in the UK (c) Colin Apps.

Eastern National SVW 274K (c) Colin Apps
A more conventional Bristol RE now, ex Eastern National ECW bodied SVW 274K which dates from 1972, it entered preservation with Viv Carter of Carters Coach Services in the late 90's before passing to it's current owner for further preservation in 2013 (c) Colin Apps.

YYE 274T (c) David Bell
Next up is Leyland National YYE 274T which has recently entered preservation and now wears Eastern Counties livery, despite it's appearance it isn't actually an ex Eastern Counties bus and was new to London Transport in 1978, it subsequently operated for Eastbourne Buses, Boro Line of Maidstone and Chase Coaches before passing into Arriva ownership when they acquired the latter company (c) David Bell.

Brylaine YJ05 JXD (c) Colin Apps
A modern bus now, Brylaine of Boston Optare Solo M1020 YJ05 JXD which is one of six long wheelbase Solos brought new by the company in 2005, when new it was a regular on the Interconnect service 5 which then ran between Spalding, Boston and Lincoln (c) Colin Apps.

Landmark Hire M682 TDB (c) David Bell
Here we see Landmark Hire's Duple Metsec bodied Dennis Condor M682 TDB, this was new for service in Kenya in 1994, it was later repatriated to the UK where it operated for Stagecoach Manchester, latterly as part of their Magic Bus fleet (C) David Bell.

Southdown TCD 490J (c) Colin Apps
For the penultimate photo in this feature we have another Bristol RE, Southdown Motor Services Marshall bodied TCD 490J, this bus was new in 1970, after leaving the Southdown fleet in 1986 it saw further service with other operators until as late a 1999 when it passed into preservation (c) Colin Apps.

Lodges Chevrolet X ES 8640 (c) David Bell
We will finish, as we started, with something a little bit different - Lodges Coaches Chevrolet Model X Charabanc ES 8640, this fine vehicle dates from 1926 (c) David Bell.

A big thanks go to our correspondents Colin Apps and David Bell for all of the excellent photographs they supplied from Showbus 2014. Look out for a special post focusing on some of the vehicles at the event with a London connection - coming soon!