Looking back... the early days of Viscount - part 1

For our latest Looking back... feature our regular guest blogger Philip Slynn is back with a look at the early days of Viscount in and around Peterborough. Philip comments: "Viscount was set up in September 1989 to take over the operations of Cambus in the Peterborough area (including March, Wisbech, Oundle and the South Lincs operations) Here are a few examples of some of the fleet in the first couple of years after formation"

Bristol 3209
First is one that is familiar to most of us and that is FLF452 JAH 552D pictured in 1989 shortly after formation (c) Philip Slynn

Bristol 3358
Second is Bristol LHS T9 carrying the registration 49 CNG from a 1963 Bristol FS. This was originally registered RDW 45R and had several owners before Cambus purchased it in 1988. It was transferred to Viscount on formation, withdrawn in October 1990 when it was re-registered to SFL 350R (c) Philip Slynn

Ley Nat  654
Next is Leyland National PEX 620W with Fleet no B20 originally new to Eastern Counties in 1981 as LN620 (c) Philip Slynn

Ford 1645
Several Ford Transits were transferred from Cambus and this example is S39 C339 SFL a 1986 example with a Carlyle body (c) Philip Slynn

Fiat 117
Another minibus is C521 DYM this example of a Fiat 49-10 with a Robin Hood body that was purchased by Viscount in March 1991 from London Buses (c) Philip Slynn

Leyland 4939
In 1990 3 new Leyland Olympians were purchased with Leyland bodies. The first of the trio is H473 CEG fleet no B3 (c) Philip Slynn

Look out for the second part of this feature which should be uploaded in the next few days.