Looking back... East Anglian vintage variety 1

In his latest two part Looking back... guest post Philip Slynn is taking a look at another vintage selection of slides from around the 1970's he reports; "A few years ago, a friend who was moving from the area donated all his ‘bus stuff’ to me including several hundred slides – many of which unfortunately are of not very good quality. I have scanned a few and the following may be of interest."

Chambers HWO332
The first one is HWO332 a 1950 Guy Arab III with Duple lowbridge body new to Red & White. It is seen here in the service of H C Chambers. Information on the slide indicates it was taken in 1971 in Bury St Edmunds (c) Philip Slynn Collection.

Wicks HLY488
Next is HLY488 in the service of Wicks of Braintree, where it is seen. This Leyland PD1 was new to Birch Bros in 1947 (c) Philip Slynn Collection.

Hedingham TWL59
TWL59 is Hedingham and District L64. It is a Bristol LS6B new to South Midland in 1953 The notes on this slide indicate it was taken in Sudbury (c) Philip Slynn Collection.

FPW50? could be FPW503 a Bristol L5G new to Eastern Counties in 1946, Records show that this vehicle ended up with a showman. Taken at Wanstead Flats in 1966 (c) Philip Slynn Collection.

Mulleys KWX14
KWX14 belongs to Mulleys Motorways, purchased by them in 1971. It is a Leyland PD2 new to Todmorden in 1951 (c) Philip Slynn Collection.

Luton 126
Finally for this batch we have Luton Corporation 126 a 1969 Bristol RELL6L. This was taken just after the takeover by United Counties (c) Philip Slynn Collection.

Well there is certainly some interesting shots there, although some of the slides are not of the best quality perhaps the imperfections add to the vintage feel... Check back in the next few days or so for the second part of Philip's guest post!