Looking back... East Anglian vintage variety 2

In his latest two part Looking back... guest post Philip Slynn is taking a look at another vintage selection of slides from around the 1970's he reports; "A few years ago, a friend who was moving from the area donated all his ‘bus stuff’ to me including several hundred slides – many of which unfortunately are of not very good quality. I have scanned a few and the following may be of interest."

Eastern National 2018
Eastern National 2018 is a1963 Guy Arab IV ordered by Moore Bros but delivered to Eastern National. This picture was taken in Braintree (c) Philip Slynn Collection.

Chambers KCF711
This Guy Arab was new to Chambers in 1957 The caption quotes Sudbury in 1969 as the location and year (c) Philip Slynn Collection.

Luton 160
Another Luton Corporation vehicle is 160, a 1960 Leyland PD2 (c) Philip Slynn Collection.

Simonds OUF521
Simonds OUF521 is a 1955 ex Southdown Guy Arab IV. This picture is said to be in Bury St Edmunds (c) Philip Slynn Collection.

Cutting JWL903
Cuttings JWL903 is a 1969 shot, location unknown. This AEC Regent III was new to South Wales in 1954 (c) Philip Slynn Collection.

Norfolks TWL928
Norfolks TWL928 is a 1953 AEC Regent III new to Oxford and purchased by Norfolks in 1966. Date and location unknown, but as Norfolks withdrew it in 1972, then the window is sometime between 1966 and 1972 (c) Philip Slynn Collection.

Many thanks to Philip Slynn for the photographs included in this two part feature