Looking back... Viscount VR bonus!

Following his two part Looking back feature last week our guest blogger Philip Slynn is back with a bonus Viscount selection featuring nothing but brilliant Bristol VRs! Philip comments: "Viscount inherited quite a few Bristol VRs on formation and subsequently purchased quite a few second hand ones. Here is a selection. Many wore all over advertising and I have included a few of those"

Bristol 3316
WPW 2015 - First in what was the standard Viscount livery of white with a yellow skirt is portrayed by Viscount fleet no B41. This was formerly Cambus and before that Eastern Counties (c) Philip Slynn.

Bristol 3355
PWY 49W - The second batch of VRs purchased came from Keighley & District in July 1990. This one is Viscount B79 formerly K&D 319 and before that Harrogate & District 319, but new to West Yorkshire as 1763. This entered service in August 1990 in as purchased livery but with Viscount vinyls (c) Philip Slynn.

Bristol 3334
LWU 468V - Viscount B68 was part of the first batch of second hand VRs purchased, this time from York City & District. Again this batch were also new to West Yorkshire. This VR entered service still wearing advertisements for the York City Dungeon (c) Philip Slynn.

Bristol 3436
VEX 301X - This vehicle was new to Eastern Counties in 1981 as VR301. However, it was originally destined to be United Counties 974 (VVV974W), but was sold before entering service. It is seen here advertising the local newspaper (c) Philip Slynn.

Bristol 3352
PWY 47W - Another ex Keighley & District VR gained an overall advertisement for B.C.C. Buscode in September 1990 (c) Philip Slynn.

Bristol 4034
SUB 792W - In December 1995 Cambus Holdings was sold to Stagecoach and the first VR to be painted in Stagecoach Stripes was fleet no B72 now renumbered to 772 (c) Philip Slynn.

Many thanks to Philip for the photos and captions used in this post.