Norfolk Green Fleet Update 18/12/14

Norfolk Green, part of the Stagecoach Group - Fleet Update 18/12/14...

Volvo Olympians on loan at Norfolk Green (c) David Bell
16226 S756 DRP which has now been sold to Ensignbus (c) David Bell.

Another brief update this time to report the departure of another two of Norfolk Green's on loan Alexander RL bodied Volvo Olympians, 16459 P159 KAK has returned to Kettering whilst 16226 S756 DRP has been sold to Ensignbus, their departure leaves just Biggleswade & District liveried 16227 S757 DRP with Norfolk Green although that is expected to depart soon.

Meanwhile the latest Alexander ALX400 bodied Dennis Tridents to arrive are 17742 LY52 ZFA and 17743 LY52 ZFB - there arrival completes delivery of this batch.