A Premiere Return & more photos from Lynx

Our regular correspondent David Bell popped into the new Lynx bus depot on Wednesday and has kindly sent us a few photos from his visit there. Included is a photo of P330 RVG - Lynx's school coach (which is no stranger to the area!) as well as more shots of the Optare Tempos which form their service fleet...

Lynx 30 P330 RVG (c) David Bell Lynx 30 P330 RVG, this Plaxton Premiere bodied Volvo B10M was new to First Eastern Counties King's Lynn depot for Excel X94 duties in 1997 - it was withdrawn and passed to Rambler of Hastings (where it carried registration TDY 946) in 2009, whilst with that operator the bus was refurbished and remained there until late 2014 when it was acquired by Lynx primarily for use on a school contract thus returning this smart coach to its home area (c) David Bell.

You can find photographs of P330 RVG operating on the Excel X94 and later X1 as well as whilst with Rambler on Flickr

Other vehicles photographed at Lynx are the other three Optare Tempos in the fleet, they are pictured below...

Lynx 5 YJ55 BKU (c) David Bell Lynx 5 YJ55 BKU (c) David Bell

Lynx 2 YJ55 BJE (c) David BellLynx 4 YJ55 BKK (c) David Bell
Two more Tempos are seen here, on the left is a front view of Lynx 2 YJ55 BJE whilst on the right is a rear view of Lynx 4 YJ55 BKK (c) David Bell. *click images to view larger size

Keep an eye out out for a special feature looking at the first days of Lynx's operation and of course all of the other latest goings on in King's Lynn - coming soon!