Looking back... Nothing but overall advert Bristol VRs - part 1

It has been a quiet start to the year but today we are back to start our 5th year of blogging! The first feature of the year is another excellent two part guest post by Philip Slynn, this time looking a colourful selection of overall advert Bristol VRs operating in both the local area as well as elsewhere in the country...

Cambus VRs1
The first one is a line up of Cambus VRs taken in Peterborough in 1988. A pity I did not have a wide angle lens at the time. They are all in fleet number order starting with 731 at the far end and ending in 737 nearest the camera in Peterborough Electric Traction Company livery. They were all new to Eastern Counties. 734 (KVF247V) is listed as preserved in the PSV Circle 2012 listing (c) Philip Slynn.

Bristol 1964 Next is a 1983 shot taken outside the Lincoln Road depot and shows Eastern Counties VR215 advertising the now defunct Hereward Radio. This is a series 3 VR new in 1978. Unfortunately, this vehicle was destroyed by fire in 1988 (c) Philip Slynn.

Bristol 1457
This shot is a few years older having been taken in Cardiff bus station in 1980. It is Cardiff City 311 advertising a local car dealership. It is a 1977 vehicle but has a Willowbrook body rather than the more common E.C.W. This was scrapped in 1990 (c) Philip Slynn.

Bristol 1732
Taken in 1981 this is Great Yarmouth 31 advertising a well known lager – a standard series 3 VR new in 1979 This became part of the Eastern Counties fleet when they took over Great Yarmouth Corporation, and is now reported to be with the Eastern Transport Collection for preservation (c) Philip Slynn.

Bristol 2200
Here we have Wilts & Dorset 3384 advertising Poole Pottery. This was new in 1978 to Hants & Dorset and I photographed it in Bournemouth in 1984. In 2009 this was converted to a mobile film location unit (c) Philip Slynn.

Bristol 2164
Finally for this post we see Eastern Counties VR280. This 1984 shot was taken at Queensgate bus station. This is reported to have been withdrawn by Tees Valley Coaches, Middlesborough by 2007 (c) Philip Slynn.

Many thanks to Philip for the photos and captions used in this feature, look out for the second part of this post which should be online later this week.