Out & about... an hour in the winter sunshine at Huntingdon

For his latest guest post Philip Slynn shares some photographs taken when he was Out & about for an hour in Huntingdon earlier this week...

Whippet X945YCC
First we have Whippet X945YCC an ex Dublin Bus ALX400 previously registered 00-D-40076 seen here on service 1A to Cambridge (c) Philip Slynn.

Whippet V202OOE
This Volvo B7TL V202 OOE was new to London United in 2000. Don’t quite know what it was doing as it was not on service and has yet to receive fleet name and destination equipment. Since the takeover by Tower Transit Whippet vehicles have received fleet numbers and this one is WD417 (c) Philip Slynn.

Whippet LN51AZL
Another B7TL is this 2001 example LN51 AZL new to London Sovereign seen here on the Godmanchester circular (c) Philip Slynn.

SC 15201
Although I have seen the new busway Scanias a few times I have not been in a position to photograph them. Here we see 15201 YN64 ANV on service B (c) Philip Slynn.

SC 34535
Another Stagecoach vehicle is this Transbus Dart 34535 GX04 EYJ heading for Ramsey. When new this was part of a larger batch in Peterborough, although I believe it and its sisters were originally destined for Kent, hence the registration. I remember United Counties Bristol MWs on this service (c) Philip Slynn.

Finally we have a Huntingdon Area Community Transport – HACT for short SF07 AZV which is a VW Crafter new to Glasgow City Council in 2007. It has a body conversion by Verve (not one I’m familiar with) Service 46a is a Monday to Saturday service that serves Stilton, Sawtry and The Alconburys (c) Philip Slynn.

Many thanks to Philip for the photos and captions used in this post.