Looking back... at the old Sandringham Coach Park - part 1

For our latest Looking back... photo special we are heading back to the late eighties to take a look at a selection of visitors to the old Sandringham Coach Park before it was relocated to a less visible and less photogenic location sometime in the early nineties, as you will see from the photos - all of which are from David Bell's fantastic archives - coaches were and still are attracted from all parts of the country...

Lincoln City PYE 838Y
PYE 838Y - Lincoln City Transport Duple Dominant IV bodied Leyland Tiger, this coach was new to Grey Green in 1983 (c) David Bell.

Moxons F790 THG
F790 THG - Moxons Tours rare Portugese-built ELME bodied Leyland Swift, this 27 seater was new in 1988 (c) David Bell.

Soames D929 HMU
D939 HMU - Soames of Otley Plaxton Paramount bodied Volvo B10M, this coach dates from 1986 (c) David Bell.

Midland Red Q276 UOC
Q276 UOC - Midland Red Coaches National Holidays liveried rebodied Plaxton Paramount bodied Leyland Leopard, this coach was new as BVP 804V with a Willowbrook body in 1980 (c) David Bell.

DTC Travel 1624 WY
1624 WY - DTC Travel, Darlington Plaxton Paramount bodied Volvo B10M, this coach was new as PUA 384Y to Wallace Arnold in 1988 (c) David Bell.

Break, Sheringham D741 HVG
D741 HVG - Break, Hunstanton rare Reeves Burgess bodied Bedford VAS5, this special needs vehicle was new to the Break charity in Sheringham in 1987 (c) David Bell.

Many thanks to David for the photos included in this feature - look out for the next part - coming soon!