Looking back... at the old Sandringham Coach Park - part 3

Concluding our latest Looking back... photo special we are once again heading back to the late eighties (and early nineties) to take a look at a selection of visitors to the old Sandringham Coach Park before it was relocated to a less visible and less photogenic location sometime in the early nineties, as you will see from the photos - all of which are from David Bell's fantastic archives - coaches were and still are attracted from all parts of the country...

A33 UGA - Semmence
A33 UGA - Semmence, Wymondham unusual Duple Calyspo bodied Bova Europa dating from 1984 (c) David Bell.

G630 VVL - Applebys
G630 VVL - Applebys 'Royal Class' Berkhof Excellence bodied Scania K113CRB dating from 1990 (c) David Bell.

B871 XWR - South Notts
B871 XWR - South Notts Plaxton Paramount bodied Volvo B10M, this bus was later registered SIL 7764 with Coopers Tours (c) David Bell.

B889 AJX - Hargreaves Tours
B889 AJX - Hargreaves Tours Duple bodied DAF MB200D new in 1985 (c) David Bell.

OXI 532 - Ulsterbus
OXI 532 - A long way from home is this Ulsterbus Duple 340 bodied Leyland Tiger, this coach was new in 1989 (c) David Bell.

Davies Bros 8098 DD
8098 DD - Davies Bros Duple bodied Leyland Tiger new with registration D615 HBX in 1987 (c) David Bell.

Many thanks to David Bell for the interesting selection of coach photographs included in this three part feature, look out for more photos from David's archives - coming soon!