Norfolk Green Fleet Update 09/03/15

Norfolk Green, part of the Stagecoach Group - Fleet Update 09/03/15

SC Norfolk Green 47903 YK08 EUC
Refurbished Coasthopper Optare Solo 47903 YK08 EUC exterior (c) David Bell.

As previously reported, the first two of Norfolk Green's fleet of Coasthopper Optare Solos to be refurbished for the forthcoming Summer season returned to King's Lynn a couple of weeks back, the first of these has now been noted service with a fresh coat of paint and a smart refreshed interior including Stagecoach moquette seats and leather style headrests complete with embroidered Coasthopper logo.

Stagecoach Norfolk Green 47903 YK08EUC
Refurbished Coasthopper Optare Solo 47903 YK08 EUC interior (c) Sam Larke.

Steven Knight Media reports that the next Coasthopper Optare Solos being refurbished are 47905/07/08/09. Meanwhile the Optare Tempo refurbishment is also in full swing with both 25121 and 25125 being worked on at Hants and Dorset Trim, the latter have been featured on the excellent HD Trim Twitter page so keep an eye out there for updates as the work continues!