Go Whippet Fleetlist Special

Today we have added a brand new Go Whippet fleetlist to the blog, compiled with assistance from Christopher Bowles it includes full details of the fleet including recently allocated fleet numbers as well as useful notes on the various livery styles used by the company. To mark the publication of this fleetlist Christopher has kindly provided a selection of recent Whippet photos which are included below...

Go Whippet WS307 FE51 RDU
Taken at Huntingdon, having just arrived on a 1A from Cambridge, is newly repainted East Lancs bodied Volvo B6BLE WS307 FE51 RDU, new to the company in 2001 (c) Christopher Bowles.

Go Whippet WD412 Y174 NLK
Acquired from Metroline, Plaxton bodied Volvo B7TL Y174 NLK is seen in St.Ives, late November last year. This has since gained fleetnumber WD412 (c) Christopher Bowles.

Go Whippet WD420 X605 EGK
Seen in Cambridge last year, this is Whippet's only Plaxton bodied Dennis Trident, registered X605 EGK. It now carries fleet number WD420 (c) Christopher Bowles.

Go Whippet WD409 W124 EON
Seen in St Ives, WD409 W124 EON, is one of three Alexander bodied Volvo B7TLs purchased from Beestons last year (c) Christopher Bowles.

Go Whippet WS311 X472 AHE
Taken in Cambridge WS311 X472 AHE is one of the four Wright bodied Scanias obtained in 2014 (c) Christopher Bowles.

Go Whippet WG103 BF63 HFB
One of the four vehicles for providing services on the Guided Busway, Wright bodied Volvo B7RLE BF63 HFB was one of three new to Whippet in 2013. It now carries fleetnumber WG103 (c) Christopher Bowles.

Go Whippet NX03 FJ57 KJO
On layover between journeys to London, is fleet number NX03 FJ57 KJO, a Caetano bodied Scania K340, seen in Cambridge (c) Christopher Bowles.

To view or download a copy of the latest Go Whippet fleetlist click here or access it via the icon on the right hand side of the blog. Many thanks to Christopher for his assistance in preparing the fleetlist and also for the photos and captions used in this post.