Another colourful Borismaster selection

Continuing our occasional series looking at specially liveried New Routemasters in London we are pleased to be able to bring you another few examples that David Bell has photographed in the past couple of months, it is always enjoyable to see these eye-catching and colourful designs - they certainly make a change from the usual London red!

We'll start with the most recent of our three examples, Go Ahead London General LT282 LTZ 1282 which is currently wearing a dual colour scheme for Magnum ice creams, half of the bus is pink and half of it is black...

Go Ahead LT282 Magnum (c) David Bell
The black (or is it dark grey?) side of LT282 advertising the new Magnum Pink Raspberry variety (c) David Bell.

Go Ahead LT282 Magnum (c) David Bell
The pink side of LT282 advertising the new Magnum Black Espresso variety (c) David Bell.

Next up is Stagecoach London LT239 LTZ 1239 which carries an excellent scheme for Transport for London's Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender staff network group, the rainbow bus will be on the road for a year and marks the tenth anniversary of the organisation, it can be found operating on route 8 between Bow Church and Tottenham Court Road...

Stagecoach LT239 Ride with Pride (c) David Bell
Showing off it's Ride with Pride livery is LT239 LTZ 1239 (c) David Bell.

To finish this edition we have the less colourful, but still eye-catching Go Ahead London General LT55 LTZ 1055 which carried an advert for the launch of the latest version of the Android smartphone operating system earlier this year...

Go Ahead LT55 Android (c) David Bell
Covered in Androids of varying styles is LT55 LTZ 1055 (c) David Bell.

Many thanks to David for the excellent selection of photos included in this post.