Former West Norfolk bus in Northumberland

When David Bell visited Newcastle a couple of weeks ago he came across an interesting former West Norfolk bus operating in the area, the bus in question is Wright Crusader bodied Volvo B6BLE X62 CHJ, new to Dublin Bus in 2000 this well travelled vehicle was one of a number of this batch that passed through Essex bus dealer Ensignbus in late 2011, it was acquired by King's Lynn-based West Norfolk Community Transport (WNCT) soon after for a Easton Collage contract...

X62CHJ West Norfolk Community Transport 2012 (c) David Bell
X62 CHJ pictured leaving King's Lynn on a gloomy January morning in 2012, this bus was new as Dublin Bus 00-D-70038 (c) David Bell.

The Crusader's stay at WNCT however proved to be relatively short lived and it passed to Tyne Valley Coaches of Hexham in early 2013, it remains with the operator today and until recently could be found operating on their now withdrawn local bus service 880...

X62CHJ Tyne Valley Coaches 2015 (c) David Bell
X62 CHJ pictured with Tyne Valley Coaches in August 2015, looking a little less anonymous that it did when with WNCT (c) David Bell.

West Norfolk Community Transport operate a plethora of community transport, Dial-a-Bus and Flexibus based services around Norfolk as well as contracted local bus services in the Downham Market and Swaffham areas, to find out more about the organisation check out their website.