Stagecoach Norfolk new Optare Solo SRs enter service in King's Lynn - photo special!

Stagecoach in Norfolk's five new Optare Solo SRs entered service in King's Lynn on Friday, the new buses which feature low emission Euro 6 engines and carry Stagecoach corporate livery have also been named too, 48021 YJ15 AAZ which attended the official opening of the King's Lynn Transport Interchange on Thursday has been named Ben Colson MBE after the former Norfolk Green founder and Managing Director whilst the remaining four new Solo SRs have been adorned with some of the names of local historical characters previously carried on the batch of Irisbus Agoralines which were withdrawn last year - details of the names can be found in the photo captions below.

Included below are photographs taken by David Bell of all five of the new vehicles in service around King's Lynn yesterday - enjoy!

Stagecoach Norfolk 48021 YJ15 AAZ
48021 YJ15 AAZ 'Ben Colson MBE' on the Fairstead One (c) David Bell.

Stagecoach Norfolk 48022 YJ15 ANP 2
48022 YJ15 ANP 'Florence Ada Coxon' on the North Wootton Three (c) David Bell.

Stagecoach Norfolk 48023 YJ15 ANR
48023 YJ15 ANR 'Margaret Reed' on the Fairstead One (c) David Bell.

Stagecoach Norfolk 48024 YJ15 ANU 2
48024 YJ15 ANU 'Herbert de Losinga' on the 10 to Hunstanton (c) David Bell.

Stagecoach Norfolk 48025 YJ15 ANV
48025 YJ15 ANV 'Sir William Hoste' on the Hardwick Six (c) David Bell.

Many thanks to David Bell for the excellent selection of photographs included in this photo special!