Stagecoach Norfolk Fleet Update 22/09/15

It appears that the end could be nigh for Stagecoach Norfolk's fleet of Optare Spectra bodied DAF DB250LFs, as mentioned in our last update on the operator the type are due to be replaced with 55 reg Alexander Dennis ALX400 bodied ADL Tridents from Stagecoach East's Cambridge depot, at least the first two of these have arrived in King's Lynn with both 18348 AE55 DKV and 18349 AE55 DKX being noted by our correspondents.

Stagecoach Norfolk 18348 AE55 DKV, King's Lynn (c) Jamie Armstrong
Freshly repainted 18348 AE55 DKV seen at the Stagecoach Norfolk depot in King's Lynn on Saturday (c) Jamie Armstrong.

Our friends over at Steven Knight Media reports that the allocation of the former Cambridge 55 reg Tridents to Stagecoach Norfolk is only expected to be on a temporary basis until more permanent replacements for the Spectras can be sourced.

In other news, a contact of our regular correspondent David Bell has been in touch with a photo of former Norfolk Green Optare Solo 47884 Y58 HBT in service with Stagecoach North West at Cumbria -a photograph courtesy of Geoff Stainthorpe can be seen below.

Stageocah North West Y58 HBT (c) Geoff Stainthorpe
Stagecoach North West 47884 Y58 HBT, new to Norfolk Green in 2001 and withdrawn from service in Norfolk last year (c) Geoff Stainthorpe.

An updated version of our Stagecoach Norfolk Fleetlist can be downloaded by clicking here